Each Time You Smile – a tweaked version

Sounds Like Sunset Saturdays

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This is a song recorded to 16 track 2″ through a Quad Eight console at Big Jesusburger Studios, Riley St Surry Hills in early 2000. All the members of the band Ides Of Space feature on this, offering giggly handclaps on the beat for the whole song.

Matt Bonson was drumming for us around this time, and it was recorded on Modular’s dime during our brief flirtation with that whole music business side of things.

Hope you dig this – it’s a little less dull & foggy than the album version is.

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TYM Guitars story on 1968 Fender Jaguar

SLS Tym 1968 Jaguar

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Scott is quite a collector of rare & beautiful electric guitars, and he was kind enough to flow this one to me at mate’s rates some time ago.

More gear-nerd posts coming soon.
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We’re building a new website

Sounds Like Sunset painting

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We’ve been making music for a while now, but we haven’t really had a website for the group since about 2001 or so – so it’s finally time to start putting it together.

We’ve played with so, so many bands in tons of different places, and we might have a few rock stories on here soon too. If you have any photos or snippets you feel like sending our way, we’d be very appreciative.

To the right here is a photo of us looking kinda sheepish for a band photo in some back laneway in what was once known as Kings Cross, taken by our mate Kristoffer  Paulsen. We don’t really do the band photo or self-promo thing very well, and we’re in to our 21st year and we still don’t have a manager either.


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We’ve pulled out of Tonebender 2018

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We were meant to be playing at the Tonebender show on March 10th at Red Rattler in Marrickville but we’ve had to pull out due to unforseen circumstances n’ all that.

It’s a bummer ‘cos we were keen to finally get to play with Deafcult, after having pulled out of our show with them last year, and also at Red Rattler, and now we’ve done it again. Not a good look, guys.

Anyway aplogies to everyone, apologies for Deafcult, and hopefully we’ll do it properly soon.

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